This Japanese Undershirt Instantly Turns Skinny Men into Buff Macho Dudes

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由一家名为“His Company Group”的日本公司开发的超级男子气概T采用充气式气囊,气囊位于胸部和上臂周围的小口袋中,视觉上增强了佩戴者的胸部、二头肌和三头肌。这个系统最酷的一点是你可以随心所欲地给气囊充气,让你看起来不显眼,中等色调,或者绝对喜欢健身。

Skinny Japanese men looking to get that coveted “slim and macho” look without putting in the work and breaking a sweat at the gym now achieve their goal pretty much instantly. All they have to do is put on the Super Macho T, a special undershirt that instantly gives them a buff physique.

Developed by a Japanese company named “His Company Group”, the Super Macho T features inflatable air bags that go into small pockets located around the chest and upper arm areas and visually enhance the wearers chest, biceps and triceps. The cool thing about this system is that you can inflate the air bags as much as you want, allowing you to go for an inconspicuous moderately toned look, or an absolute gym addict.

This Japanese Undershirt Instantly Turns Skinny Men into Buff Macho Dudes

According to a His Company Group press release, the Super Macho T undershirt was inspired by the silicone bra inserts that some women use to achieve a more attractive appearance. They just took the same concept and applied it to an undergarment for men.

This Japanese Undershirt Instantly Turns Skinny Men into Buff Macho Dudes

The manufacturer claims that the Super Macho T is aimed at several categories of people: individuals who have a complex about their skinny, bony bodies, people who lack the time or discipline to tone up the old fashioned way (by hitting the gym), people who spend a lot of time in public, fans of cosplay or people who want to make an impact at a certain event, and, last but not least, people who want to get buff instantly…

Grape reports that the Super Macho T has already been featured on Japanese television and in several written and online publications. It’s currently being sold on Amazon, for 7,980 yen ($73). It’s not the cheapest undershirt, but it beats going to the gym, right? Oh, and it’s on sale for $45.5.

The promotional video for the Super Macho T makes the undershirt seem like a sure way to impress the ladies, but what do you do when it’s time to reveal what you actually look like?