Parents Name Son “Google” Hoping It Will Give Him a Leg Up in Life-吸收财讯

Parents Name Son “Google” Hoping It Will Give Him a Leg Up in Life

当被问到为什么他们在google’s出生证上至少包括一个姓氏或第二个名字时,andi cahya saputra说,他想把wpap603007qtte的名字“dilute”s的本质特殊名字boy’s。

父母给儿子起名“google”,希望这能让他在生活中振作起来。【吸收财讯】升困井革鼎震继 -> 世界在你眼前!


这名8个月大的男孩名叫Boy’s,31岁的父亲Andi Cahya Saputra,他告诉印度尼西亚媒体,当他的妻子怀孕7个月时,他第一次想到给孩子取一个与技术相关的名字。在那之前,他考虑过更常见的名字,比如阿尔巴·迪甘塔拉·普特拉,或者古兰经中提到的名字,但最后他认为这些名字都不完全正确。因此,他最终找到了科技公司和产品的名称,比如“windows、iphone、microsoft和ios”,并最终选择了谷歌。尽管母亲起初很喜欢这个想法,但她最终还是同意了,现在他们有了一个男孩,名字是以世界上最流行的网络搜索引擎命名的。

A baby in Indonesia has been awarded the title of “world’s strangest name” after it was revealed that his parents legally registered him as “Google”; no surname or middle name, just Google, just like the search engine.

The eight-month-old boy’s father, 31-year-old Andi Cahya Saputra, told Indonesian media that he first contemplated the idea of giving his child a tech-related name when his wife was seven months pregnant. Before that, he had considered more common names, like Albar Dirgantara Putra, or names mentioned in the Quran, but in the end he decided that none of them were quite right. So he ended up looking at names of technology companies and products like “Windows, iPhone, Microsoft and iOS”, and ultimately settled on Google. Although the mother didn’t really like the idea at first, she ultimately agreed and now they have a boy named after the world’s most popular internet search engine.

Parents Name Son “Google” Hoping It Will Give Him a Leg Up in Life - 父母给儿子起名“google”,希望这能让他在生活中振作起来。

Local media in south-western Indonesia’s West Java Province recently reported that the boy’s mother, 27-year-old Ella Karin was too embarrassed to reveal his name to the world for the first three months, referring to him solely as ‘baby boy’. She has grown quite fond of Google, though, and now says that she hopes her son will become “a leader” of “many people”.

Asked why they didn’t at least include a surname or a second name on Google’s birth certificate, Andi Cahya Saputra said that he didn’t want to “dilute” the essence of the boy’s special name.

“I told my father, ‘Pak, Google has a great meaning, because I hope Google can help many people, become a useful person to others,’” Google’s father added. “Google is number one in the world, the site most visited by people.”

Ella admitted that people like to joke about their choice of name for their son, saying that if they ever have another child they’ll name it “WhatsApp”, but she says it doesn’t bother her that much, because they just don’t understand the “meaning” of Google’s name.


印尼西南爪哇省西南部的印尼媒体最近报道说,27岁的Ella Karin在三个月前就羞于向全世界透露他的名字,仅指他是WPA60608QTEBOT BYEWAP60607QTE。不过,她已经对谷歌产生了浓厚的兴趣,现在她说,她希望她的儿子能成为“a的领导者,”是“many的人”。

当被问到为什么他们在google’s出生证上至少包括一个姓氏或第二个名字时,andi cahya saputra说,他想把wpap603007qtte的名字“dilute”s的本质特殊名字boy’s。


“i告诉我父亲,‘pak,google有很大的意义,因为我希望google能帮助很多人,成为对别人有用的人,’” google’s父亲补充说。“google是世界第一,是人们访问最多的网站。”

埃拉承认,人们喜欢拿儿子的名字开玩笑,说如果他们有了另一个孩子,他们会把它命名为’ll “whatsapp”,但她说wpap603007qet没有那么麻烦她,因为他们只是不理解googlewpap603007qet的“mening”07季度名称。